Ferndale Ave.

Contracted to install a complete finished landscape over the entire property in preparation for a home wedding. The project began with an updated design concept for the backyard. A basement suite renovation currently underway required a large excavation of the backyard immediately behind the home. We created a design that incorporated a large sunken patio, curving retaining walls with cap stones and wrought iron handrails, a sloping ramp and three sets of stairs – two of which would be custom curves.

The project quickly expanded to include three additional interlocking brick paver sidewalks around the property, a new front door landing, new decorative gardens, new turf sod, the addition of several new trees and shrubs and a full property irrigation system installation. The expanded size of the project would now require twenty-two pallets of concrete materials alone.

The most challenging part of the project was completing the large scale installation before the looming wedding date deadline. Planning, scheduling and communicating with everyone involved was critical to be certain that everything was completed in the correct order so as not to cause conflicts, errors or delays. In the end, we were able to complete the project on time for the big day, and on budget as well.

Large scale construction of retaining walls and interlocking pavers

We use our new patio and garden to entertain a lot and always get compliments on the great work that Brian did. It’s just beautiful!


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